Electronic Appraisals

Insurance companies prefer them. They save time and fit the new “go green” requirements of today. What are hey? Appraisals sent by email in a PDF format. Yes, they have a signature, photograph, description, value and even plots if they exist. They are an appraisal but not printed on paper.

Paper MillI offer this as a service to my customers. You can request an appraisal printed, in duplicate. You can then save one copy in your files and mail or deliver the other copy to your insurer.

Or you can, like the majority of my customers, opt for an electronic appraisal. It is in your email box as soon as I complete it. No postal delays. You can simply forward it to your insurance agent or company and they will insure the item.

In the unlikely event that an error is found in the report, a re-issue is fast.

Anytime you want a copy, you can simply print one. However, most everyone simply saves the appraisal onto a CD. Less space, quicker and some tree somewhere is thankful.

What does this service cost? No extra fee is added.

All you need is an email and we can both Go Green!

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